Hello and welcome.

I am a musicologist and cultural historian undertaking a PhD in Music at Dublin City University, where my research is supervised by Dr Róisín Blunnie.

My thesis addresses the early choral and solo vocal works of Dame Ethel Smyth from a biographical perspective, situating the music within its historical context and considering the religious, political, and social influences behind its creation. I am really interested in the ‘human happening’ — to borrow from Smyth herself — that surrounds musical works and it is this curiosity that fuels my work.

My broader research interests include women’s biographies; women’s networks; vocal works of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; and the relationship between music and literature.

I am the Student Representative for the Society for Musicology in Ireland (2021–24), Social Media Officer for the Women in Global Music Network, and a founding member of the Dublin Musicology Collective.

If you would like to get in touch about my research, public speaking, or collaborative projects, please reach out via the contact page.