Into the Shock of It

Last summer I started swimming in the sea, something that I’d never been particularly fond of as a child. Although I loved to swim I grew up a good 2-hour drive from the coast and I didn’t enjoy the way the waves seemed to pounce, making me cough as I inhaled sea water, eyes stingingContinue reading “Into the Shock of It”

A Bit Too

Another midnight poetic musing, dedicated to anyone else currently feeling a bit too… ♥️ I am a bit too.  Too needy. Too afraid. Too emotional. Too expressive. Too many words. Too many thoughts.  Too much overthinking. Too many times expecting more. Too many times pushed back, no. Too much love in my too big heart.Continue reading “A Bit Too”

Springtime in Dublin

It is April, the month of becoming. After a windy, grey winter, Dublin is awash with colour. The tentative daffodils, bringing the first promise of Spring, have been joined by bright red tulips and grape hyacinths of vivid blue. Silver birches are sprouting the smallest, greenest leaves, and cherry trees droop under boughs heavy withContinue reading “Springtime in Dublin”

6 Months in Ireland

This weekend marks 6 months since I moved to Ireland to begin my PhD adventure! It’s not quite how I expected my six-monthiversary to look. As of Thursday 12th March the country is on lockdown because of Covid19; schools and universities have been closed and I’ve spent the week working from home. I’m definitely anContinue reading “6 Months in Ireland”